Cell Phone Battery Too Hot to Charge?

Here are 11 tips for preventing overheating of a cell phone battery.

Changing your charger cable to turning off your apps.

So if you want to learn how to avoid a hot phone battery, then this article is for you.

Let’s dig right in!

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How to Avoid a Cell Phone Battery That Is Too Hot Charge

An overheating phone is an annoyance, inconvenience, and sometimes expensive. But, it will inevitably happen to all of us. When outside temperatures rise, so do the chances of a too-hot cellphone battery.

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Let’s start with what you want to know the most, quick fixes. Then, we will hit the high notes of how to reduce the chances of an overheating cellphone battery.

Top 11 Tips to Avoid an Overheating Cellphone Battery

  1. Cellphones need shade, too. Leaving it poolside or on the beach will heat the battery so much faster than if you were to throw a towel over it. Even in the cooler months, direct sunlight can zap a phone’s energy.
  2. Close all of your apps. Your cellphone works overtime to keep up with open applications. Make it a habit to close them all, maybe before bed. And, after you use an app that you rarely use, make it automatic that you just close it out.
  3. Don’t hoard apps, either! Take out the trash, and delete ones you don’t use, including functions. Disabling location services and push notifications will keep you from overworking your cell. It helps to prevent overheating and killing batteries much sooner than that they would normally die.
  4. One of those automatic things we do is turn up the brightness of our phones. Anti-glare screens help out to keep the sharpness without having to crank up the brightness. But, turning the brightness down not only helps the battery temperature, but you will also save an awful lot of battery power too.
  5. Update your cellphone and apps updated can clear up issues before they even start. Glitches and bugs can lead to overheating, and the fixes will sometimes fix it.
  6. Turn the Bluetooth capability off when you’re not using it. Auto-pairing sucks the life out of a battery and adds to the overheating issues.
  7. Viruses can hit phones as easily as they hit PCs. Antivirus software is available to protect you from invading malware that can cause irreversible damage to your cellphone.
  8. Our cellphone games are remedies to boredom and help reduce our stress. But constantly playing your favorite puzzle game can overheat your phone and pretty fast. And remember, close them when you’re not playing them, too.
  9. Yes, cellphone covers protect them from cracking and crunching the first time we drop them. But, when it is super hot outside, or you’re not using the phone for an extended amount of time, take the cover off and let it cool down the old-fashioned way.
  10. Sometimes the problem is not with your cellphone. It is with the charging cable. Swap it out and see if it clears up the overheating issues.
  11. And finally, it could be your camera. We want to share our lives with our friends and family, but did you know a five-minute video can put so much strain on your phone that it will overheat it? Andriod and Apple forums are full of people asking about phones overheating because of cameras. You need to stop filming, close the camera app, and in some cases, shut your phone down to let it cool down.

An Overheating Battery Does More Damage Than You Think

Frequent overheating and extreme temperature can do more to your phone than make it temperamental until it cools down. It can cause long-term damage that will cost you money and your saved information like contacts and photos.

Lithium-ion batteries are the best and most common cellphone batteries. But, they do degrade over time. Overheating problems speeds up a process that happens naturally. It will stop charging effectively and store energy efficiently.

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A system on a chip (SoC) is one of those things we don’t think about because we don’t really know what it is. It is what combines all of the electronic circuits into one integrated chip (IC). Once the chip goes bad, it goes terribly bad to the point where your phone because usable because of just how slow it gets.

Something we don’t think about is what holds our phones physically together. Without adhesives, our cellphones will fall apart. Extreme heat will eat away at adhesives, and as they degrade, the components shift. The gaps allow dirt and dust and increase the chances of irreversible water damage.

The Bigger Problem

When you’ve tried it all and your phone continues to overheat, the problem is going to be more than a lack of shade or too many apps. 

Replacing cell phones is expensive and inconvenient, but a damaged phone is, too. You can always take it to a repair shop first. They can diagnose the problem, and in some cases, replace the battery and save the phone.

When it is beyond all hope, you can still get a few bucks for a broken phone. Kiosks and even cellphone repair shops will buy it from you so you can put that extra cash into a brand new phone. Recycling it is good for the environment and makes a broken cell hurt a little less.