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Ethernet Light Blinking & Computer Is Off: Why?

Ethernet Light Blinking & Computer Is Off: Why? (How to Fix)

Here’s why your Ethernet port light is blinking when your computer is off: This is related to a feature known as wake from LAN (or Wake on LAN or WoL).  Wake on LAN lets other devices wake up your computer through the Ethernet cable.  Your port light blinks when the computer is off because WoL … Read more

Always-on Ethernet Port Light: Meaning?

Always-on Ethernet Port Light: Meaning? (+ Vital Facts)

The always-on Ethernet port indicator light tells you that the connection between the two Ethernet ports is functional. The light is designed to let you know that your Ethernet connection is established without performing additional tasks. The light can come in different colors, depending on the manufacturer.

Ethernet Connected But No Internet: How to Fix?

Ethernet Port Light Blinking & No Internet: How To Fix?

If your Ethernet port light blinks, but you can’t connect to the internet, the cable is working, but your modem is not. First, make sure you don’t have internet access. Then troubleshoot your connection by either soft reset or hard reset your modem and using known-good components.