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Beast Titan Changing: How With Each Person?

Here’s how the beast titan changes with each person:

The beast titan changes more from person to person than any other titan in the series.

As the beast titan takes on animal characteristics, each user transforms into a completely different animal titan.

Over the years, there have been snakes, wolves, monkeys, birds, and many other beast forms that appeared.

So if you want to learn all about how the beast titan changes exactly with each person, then this article is for you.

Let’s jump right in!

Beast Titan Changing: How With Each Person? (All the Info)

What Is a Beast Titan?

The beast titan is one of the nine titans.

It is the second-largest of the nine, and it is known for imparting animalistic qualities and abilities to the user.

Ok, let’s back up for a minute.

If you’re not already intimately familiar with the Attack on Titan series, then none of that made sense.

If you’re a fan of the manga or the show and just want to get to how the beast titan changes, skip ahead.

If you’re a little confused at this point, then allow me a few minutes to help you catch up.

First off, we’re talking about characters in Attack on Titan.

It’s one of the most famous anime series of all time, and in case you’re not up on anime, we’re talking about animated shows that are produced in Japan.

In the case of Attack on Titan, the anime is actually based on a manga of the same name.

A manga is like a Japanese comic book, with some cultural differences.

It’s pretty common for popular manga series to receive an anime adaptation, and the manga often serves as the source material.

When we’re talking about Attack on Titan, the manga is a completed series with a final ending.

The anime, however, is not quite done.

All of this is to say that if you aren’t up to date on both the manga and anime, there are some spoilers ahead.

Keep reading at your own risk.

If you don’t mind the spoilers, then allow me to finally explain what a beast titan is.

You know what?

There’s not enough information for that yet.

Let’s talk about what a titan is.

So, What Is a Titan?

Before we go any further, I need to issue another warning.

Attack on Titan is an intense, adult series.

While this article is safe for work and doesn’t feature any explicit material, we are going to discuss some potentially disturbing topics.

Titans are meant to be scary, and as a result, they do some disturbing things.

If you’re not up for that kind of discussion, this is a good place to stop reading.

Otherwise, let’s get into the details of the titans.

In the series, titans are giant human-like creatures that roam the lands and eat people.

They range from 3 to 15 meters in height.

While they look humanoid, they also clearly look different from humans, often having exaggerated characteristics.

For the most part, titans are fairly mindless, instinctual creatures.

They don’t exhibit problem-solving skills.

If they have an opportunity to eat a human, they will, but that’s about it.

Titans are frightening enemies of humans in the series.

For starters, they are basically immortal.

They never age, so they certainly don’t die from aging.

They also don’t actually need to eat or consume any resources to stay alive.

It appears that they only eat humans, and they do it solely for pleasure.

Additionally, titans rapidly regenerate from any wounds they receive.

You could cut off a titan’s legs, and in a few hours, they would regrow, and the titan would be running around again.

The only way to kill a titan is to remove a special bit of flesh in the nape of their necks.

It’s not an easy thing to do.

Now, I said that most titans are mindless, but there are a few in the series that show human intelligence.

In fact, there are nine special titans that we need to discuss.

What About the 9 Titans?

I said in the beginning that the beast titan is one of the nine titans, but what does that mean?

Well, in the series, there are nine specific titans that are actually human beings.

These are humans with the special ability to transform into unique titans.

When they transform, they retain their human awareness, memories, and intelligence.

Basically, they are human beings piloting titan bodies.

It turns out that anyone of Eldian heritage can become one of the nine titans, but it’s not an easy process.

They actually have to eat the person who currently holds that power.

Once the power is inherited, it takes a toll, and the power will kill the user after 13 years.

What that means is that over the many hundreds of years that these titans are present in the world of Attack on Titan, they have to pass through many generations of users.

There are a lot of people throughout the story’s history who have used each power, and each titan power manifests a little differently for each user.

We’ll circle back to this idea in a little bit.

Before that, we can talk about the powers.

Each of the nine titans has unique characteristics and abilities.

As an example, the colossal titan is extremely massive, standing at about 60 meters in height.

The armored titan is extremely armored and difficult to damage.

We don’t really need to go through all of the nine titans because today, we’re talking about the beast titan.

Like I said before, it’s the second-largest of the nine titans, and it takes on animal characteristics.

While all of the other titans are more or less human in design, the beast titan is not.

The version of the titan that we mostly see through the series looks like a giant ape.

It stands on two legs, is covered entirely in fur, and has extra-long arms.

It is particularly good at throwing things, and considering its size and strength, it can throw heavy objects with devastating results.

Who Has Been the Beast Titan? (2 Characters)

The characteristics of the beast titan largely depend on who is using the power, and we’ve already established that a ton of people have inherited that power over the years.

The Attack on Titan storyline does not feature a full genealogy of beast titan users.

Instead, we only really get to know two of them.

Other users are very briefly referenced, but they are not named characters.

So, I’ll take a minute to tell you about the two that we do know.

#1 Zeke

First up is Zeke.

He’s the beast titan throughout the majority of the series.

He’s the one who looks like an ape, and Zeke, as a person, has an affinity for baseball.

That’s why he develops the titan’s ability to throw objects.

Zeke is the de facto leader of the nine titans for most of his tenure holding the power.

He’s also the mastermind behind one of the major plot points that drives the whole show.

It turns out that sending the colossal titan to breach the walls at the very beginning of the series was Zeke’s idea (there’s actually more to this story, but it’s not relevant today, and I’ll avoid extra spoilers when I have the chance).

Zeke’s titan is arguably the most intimidating and devastating titan that we see in the series.

His ability to throw objects long distances with great destructive power almost completely wipes out the survey corps.

He’s basically a one-man army.

#2 Tom Ksaver

The other titan we know about is Tom Ksaver.

He actually had the power directly before Zeke.

When Tom would transform, his beast titan took on many properties of a bighorn sheep.

While that may have been potentially useful in battle, Tom mostly avoided fighting.

Instead, his tenure with the power was mostly used to study titans and the beast titan in particular.

The plan was to use advanced knowledge of the titan’s power to expand its capabilities in combat.

Research was also geared toward finding ways to completely eliminate titans if the need arose.

That’s all we really get to know about Tom.

He transformed into a sheep, and we never actually saw that sheep do things.

How Does The Beast Titan Change With Each Person?

But, contrasting Tom and Zeke really helps to highlight how the beast power works.

Every titan looks different depending on who wields the power, but the differences with the beast titan are much more contrasted.

Each user can take on a completely different animal form.

Just to give you an idea, these are animal forms of the beast titan that we know about:

  • Monkey
  • Bird
  • Crocodile
  • Elk
  • Bull
  • Wolf
  • Snake
  • Rabbit
  • Dinosaur
  • Okapi

Considering that there were hundreds of years of beast titans, this list is hardly complete; it’s just the limit of what we know.

Since each user can transform into a different animal, the skills and abilities of those animals will differ too.

A proficient crocodile beast isn’t going to throw rocks at enemies, but it can probably do other dangerous and potentially clever things.

That’s what makes the beast titan so different.

Each user is offered unique powers, and it will be up to their own creativity to make use of those powers.