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Armored Titans: Each Same Armor?

Here’s everything about every armored titan having the same kind of armor:

Each incarnation of the armored titan looks substantially different, and the main reason for that is that the armor looks and functions differently for each person.

As for functionality, it’s impossible to say if the armor is stronger or weaker from one user to the next.

But, the way it covers them and moves changes.

So if you want to learn all about why all armored titans have the same kind of armor, then this article is for you.

Let’s jump right in!

Armored Titans: Same Armor for All? (Everything to Know)

What Is a Titan?

In order to even have this conversation, I’m going to have to take you through a tour of the world of Attack on Titan.

That comes with a bit of baggage, so let’s get into disclaimers, warnings, and all of the rest first.

For starters, let me issue a spoiler warning.

I’m going to discuss content that stems from some of the final chapters of the manga, and that is content that has not yet been covered in the anime.

If you’re an anime-only person, then there are serious spoilers ahead.

If you’re not caught up on the manga, there are serious spoilers ahead.

If you don’t care about spoilers or are caught up, keep reading, and if you are an avid Attack on Titan fan, you can probably skip ahead to the sections that interest you most.

Until then, let’s talk about Attack on Titan and the titans themselves.

They are something of the antagonists of the series (although that’s actually pretty complicated).

They are humanoid creatures that actually eat humans.

Titans are immortal, very tall (the small ones are three meters in height), extremely strong and powerful, and in most cases, they are mindless.

There are also countless numbers of them, and if that wasn’t enough, they range in size, with some reaching 100 meters in height.

Among the titans is one known as an armored titan.

I’ll explain it in full detail, but before that, I need to cover a little more background information.

Manga vs. Anime

For those who aren’t familiar with Japanese pop culture, Attack on Titan is both a manga and an anime series.

A manga is like a Japanese comic book.

It’s serialized, has unique stories, and is told through a series of drawn panels in each issue.

Because it’s Japanese, there are entirely different tropes and such in the world of manga, but overall, the comparison is reasonable.

You might have also heard of anime.

These are Japanese cartoons, but they aren’t always aimed at children.

Attack on Titan is definitely an adult cartoon made in the Japanese art style.

In this case, the anime is based on the manga, meaning that the manga is the source material and the anime is the adaptation.

You can think of it like the Lord of the Rings.

Tolkien wrote the books.

Peter Jackson made movies that were based on the books.

There are differences between the two, but that’s how they’re linked.

It’s much the same with Attack on Titan.

What Is an Armored Titan?

With all of that covered, we can get into the details of the armored titan.

It’s one of the nine titans, and that’s a big deal.

Remember how I said that titans are mindless?

Well, there are nine exceptions to that.

There are nine titans that are actually humans who possess the ability to transform into a titan.

When they do, they retain their own minds.

So, you have specialized titan bodies controlled by human intelligence.

It’s a potent combination.

Among those nine titans is one known as the armored titan.

It’s about 15 meters tall, making it one of the taller titans in the series, and it has incredibly strong armor across its body.

Also, because it’s one of the nine titans, it’s a special power that can be passed from one human to the next.

As long as a person is genetically compatible, they can inherit the power of the armored titan by eating the previous wielder.

Hey, I told you that this isn’t for children.

Moving on, let’s talk about the armor itself.

What Kinds of Armor Do Armored Titans Have?

This is actually a bit of a tricky question to answer.

It’s not entirely clear in the series if different titans produce different kinds of armor or if it’s all the same thing but just looks different from one titan to the next.

What we do know is that there is something called titan hardening, where a titan’s flesh becomes extremely hard.

That essentially creates a type of armor that the characters in the series more or less cannot penetrate.

There are a few very clear examples of this hardening.

The first is with the female titan.

When she realizes she is going to be captured, she hardens her entire body, encapsulating herself in something like an impenetrable crystal.

Another example of hardening that we know about is with the giant titans.

They can harden themselves much like the female titan did, and it turns out that this is how the walls of Paradis Island were created.

The thing that makes it seem like not all hardenings are the same is that we see the walls clearly take damage many different times in the series.

We never saw the female titan’s hardening take damage, so it’s hard to be sure how they compare.

As for the armored titan, it’s reasonable to assume that its armor comes from the same hardening techniques.

That just isn’t perfectly clear.

If that is the case, then this armor seems to be between the female titan’s hardening and the wall titans in terms of absolute durability.

Now, this is just covering the actual strong material used to make armor.

When it comes to armor shapes, colors, and styles, that’s a whole other matter, and I’ll take you through all of it in the next few sections.

Does Every Armored Titan Have the Same Kind of Armor? (4 Examples)

In a word, no.

For most of the series, we only see one armored titan, but at the very end, we get to see what a lot of the previous armored titans looked like.

In those brief glimpses, we can see that the armor changes pretty dramatically from one user to the next.

That shouldn’t be surprising, either.

The shape and functionality of each of the nine titans seem to change a lot from one person to the next.

That’s just how it goes.

So, every armored titan is easy to identify because it has distinct armor over its body, but beyond that, it’s very clear that each version is different from the others.

As to what that means for the armor itself, that’s hard to say.

We don’t really get any direct information as to whether or not the armor is consistently hard or strong.

But, it is clear that some of the functionality of the armor is definitely changing from one user to the next.

I’ll walk you through four different armored titans to show you exactly how different they can be.

Keep in mind that these aren’t the only four armored titans in the series.

They’re just the easiest ones to compare because of the amount of time we get to see them and what kinds of distinct features they have.

#1 Reiner

Reiner is the armored titan that you know best in the series.

When the armored titan shows up for the very first time, Reiner is the one driving it.

In case you aren’t familiar, Reiner’s armored titan uses multiple plates of armor.

The armor is incredibly strong, and Reiner’s titan is probably the strongest that we see in the series.

The plates can be adjusted and even removed to improve the titan’s agility on command, making it the most adaptive and capable armored titan that we see at any point in the series.

#2 The Marvel Titan

To show the clear contrast in different armors and styles, we can look at the Marvel titan.

That’s not an official name.

In fact, there is no official name for this titan at any point in the series.

I’m calling it the Marvel titan because it looks a lot like The Thing from the Marvel franchise.

The point here is that the armor is completely different in this incarnation.

Instead of using large, precise-looking plates, the armor appears more scaled.

There are many small pieces of armor that look a lot like animal scales.

They’re still very strong (presumably), but they don’t seem to be able to adjust like Reiner’s can.

Also, with the armor’s extremely different aesthetic, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to think that the various armors have different levels of toughness and durability.

The Marvel titan never gets enough attention for us to know that for sure, but there are clearly differences in functionality.

#3 The Rugby Titan

Once again, this is not an official name for the titan.

Instead, I’m naming this titan after its aesthetic as well.

This one happens to look a lot like a rugby player.

It has plates similar to those of Reiner, but the rugby titans’s plates are larger, and they appear to be less adjustable.

Regardless, it’s clear that the plates are very strong, and once again, we have a clear indicator that the armor can and does change from one user to the next.

#4 The Helmet Titan

The last one I’m going to mention is the helmet titan.

Of all of the variations of the titans that we see, this is the only one with armor in the shape of a helmet. 

As it turns out, the helmet on this titan actually covers the nape of the neck, making it one of the very most difficult to kill.

The brief shots we get of this titan make it difficult to really tell what the rest of the body armor looks like, but the fact that this is the only helmet we see already tells us plenty.

Once again, the functionality of the armor changes according to the user.

It’s pretty clear that no two armored titans have identical armor.

That seems like an easy and safe conclusion to draw.