Switch Type MacBook (Pro): Which One? (All the Info)

Switch Type MacBook Air & Pro: Which One?

Here’s everything about the keyboard’s switch type of the MacBook and MacBook Pro: If your MacBook was produced between 2015 and 2019, you have butterfly switches. Otherwise, you will have scissor switches which tend to be more reliable than butterfly switches as they are less likely to collect dirt. Mechanical keyboards feature additional switch types known as linear, tactile, and clicky. So if you want to learn all about the keyboard’s switch type of the MacBook and MacBook Pro, then you’re in the right place. Let’s jump right into it! What Are Keyboard Switches? Let’s start at square one. What even is a keyboard switch? Well, it’s a mechanism that allows the computer to register when you press a key on a keyboard. Specifically, when you press a button on a physical keyboard, your action is recorded by a device that is directly beneath the button. That’s the switch. It’s a device that literally turns an electrical signal on or off, hence the name.  There are a few different design styles for keyboard switches, and that’s why you’ll see a variety of different options implemented across various computer platforms. Many of the best keyboard switches (in terms of pure quality) are larger in size, so they don’t fit well in small keyboard designs (which are common among laptops). This puts Apple engineers in a tight spot. They want to live up to the quality expectations of Apple products and use the best switches, but they have to keep things compact enough to satisfy the user base. As a result, Apple has flipped back and forth on switch types over the years. So, if you want to know which keyboard switch is in your Mac, it will depend on the year it was manufactured. I’ll break all of that down in complete detail, but first, I want to explain a little more about the different switches out there. What Are the

Nudity on FaceTime: Safe to Show? (Don't Do This)

Nudity on FaceTime: Safe to Show?

Whether or not you feel safe showing nudity on FaceTime is a matter of opinion. The app itself is largely considered a safe and secure way to participate in video communication. Despite that, things can go wrong, and a lot of them are tied to the person you call more than how Apple manages FaceTime security.