Sasuke as Child vs. Itachi & Madara: Why Weaker? (All Info)

Sasuke as Child vs. Itachi & Madara: Why Weaker?

Here’s why Sasuke as a child was weak compared to Itachi and Madara: Sasuke is weaker as a kid because his environment doesn’t require him to be as strong as Madara. Simultaneously, Sasuke is less talented than Itachi on purpose. Itachi and Madara are supposed to represent the pinnacles of talent and solo strength; Sasuke overcomes them by demonstrating more important attributes. So if you want to learn all about why Sasuke as a child was not as strong as Itachi and Madara, then you’re in the right place. Let’s jump right into it! Who Is Sasuke? If we’re going to compare Sasuke to other characters in the series, we should probably do a little background work with each.  In order to do that, I’m going to have to explain plot points that come up in Naruto. So, consider this your spoiler warning. I’ll be basing all of these facts on the Naruto manga, but since the Naruto anime series (and Shippuden) were both based on the manga, manga spoilers are also anime spoilers. With that said, let’s talk about Sasuke. He’s one of the main characters in the whole story. If Naruto is the lead, Sasuke is barely the secondary lead. He gets almost as much time and attention as Naruto, and Sasuke’s decision really drives the plot of the whole story. Sasuke is a ninja from the Leaf Village. When he was very young, his entire clan, including his parents, was massacred. Sasuke was the last left, and in the face of that tragedy, he vowed to avenge his clan and then restore it. Sasuke is the most talented ninja of his age. He’s constantly ahead of the others, and he grows rapidly throughout the series. Despite that, he’s not a record breaker at a young age, and a lot of his growth comes from power-ups that he didn’t earn. I’ll get into this more later, but a

Only Tsunade & Sakura Using 100 Healing Jutsu: Why?

Only Tsunade & Sakura Using 100 Healing Jutsu: Why?

Here’s why only Tsunade and Sakura can use the 100 healing jutsu: There are a few reasons why only Tsunade and Sakura ever use the 100 healing jutsu. For starters, Tsunade invented the jutsu and only ever taught it to Sakura, so they’re the only two who know how. They’re probably also the only two capable of using the technique as it requires extraordinary chakra control. So if you want to learn all about why the 100 healing jutsu was only ever used by Tsunade and Sakura, then this article is for you. Let’s jump right into it! Who Is Tsunade? Tsunade is actually the inventor of the 100 healing jutsu, so it’s important that we talk about her a bit. Before I really get into it, allow me to give you a formal spoiler warning. Answering this question will require me to spoil major plot points in the Naruto manga. Since the Naruto anime series are both based on the manga, I’ll be spoiling them too. If you’re not caught up on the story and want to avoid spoilers, stop here. As a side note, nothing in this discussion will constitute a spoiler for Boruto (the sequel to Naruto). If you’re not caught up on Boruto, you’re fine. These spoilers only apply to Naruto. With that out of the way, let’s talk about Tsunade. Tsunade is a legendary ninja. She’s actually a member of the legendary Sanin—three ninjas who distinguished themselves in the Third Great Ninja War. She was an innovator in all things related to medical ninjutsu. She invented many techniques and pioneered the idea of having medics become standard members of ninja squads. Because of her legend, she eventually became the Fifth Hokage (leader of the Leaf Village), and she served with distinction for several years. On top of all of her accomplishments, Tsunade is also the granddaughter of Hashirama. He was the First Hokage and one

Frieza vs. Hit: Winner? (Everything to Know)

Frieza vs. Hit: Winner?

Here’s who would win in a fight between Frieza and Hit: It really depends on when they fight. Hit would easily destroy the original form of Frieza that is shown in Dragon Ball Z. Golden Frieza vs Hit would be a very close fight that favors Hit but is still winnable by Frieza. Black Frieza would instantly defeat Hit without any trouble whatsoever.  So if you want to learn all about who’d emerge victorious in a fight between Frieza and Hit, then this article is for you. Let’s get started! Who Is Frieza? There’s only one reasonable place to start this conversation. Let’s introduce the two fighters in detail. Frieza is a major antagonist in the Dragon Ball series. If you aren’t up to speed, Frieza shows up in both Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super. In order to explain his character and abilities, I will have to discuss plot points from both. This is your formal spoiler warning. Frieza is one of the three main antagonists in Dragon Ball Z. He’s the strongest warrior in the universe when he is introduced, but eventually, Goku defeats Frieza, and the story leaves him behind. But, in Dragon Ball Super (which takes place long after the events of Dragon Ball Z), an event arises that necessitates Frieza’s return. It turns out that there is a multiverse, and the gods of different universes decide to have a tournament to see which universe is better. Shortly before this happens, Frieza is revived by his subordinates. He then trains for four months and challenges Goku and Vegeta. At this point, Frieza has powered up and achieved his Golden form. He nearly defeats both Goku and Vegeta, but the heroes ultimately prevail. They go and fight in a tournament while Frieza licks his wounds. After Goku and friends win the tournament, a second, larger tournament is organized. This tournament will involve every universe in the

Jaw Titans: All Look the Same? (Everything to Know)

Jaw Titans: All Look the Same?

Here’s everything about jaw titans looking the same: No, every jaw titan actually looks quite a bit different. This is a common misconception because two of the most notable jaw titans are brothers, and thus look a lot alike. If you compare Ymir or Falco to the brothers, you can see very clear distinctions in the appearance of the jaw titan from one user to the next. So if you want to learn all about every jaw titan looking identical, then you’re in the right place. Let’s jump right into it! What Is the Jaw Titan? If we’re going to talk about specific titans, what they look like, and what that might mean, then we have to get pretty deep into the story of Attack on Titan. For those who don’t know, Attack on Titan (Shinjeki no Kyojin in Japanese) is an immensely popular manga and anime series. The anime is the Japanese cartoon that is adapted from the manga (which is like a Japanese comic book). Since the manga storyline is completed, and it’s the source material, I’ll be discussing everything from the perspective of the manga. By and large, there won’t be any major differences in the anime, but I wanted to specify what sources I’m using. All of that brings me to another important point. There will be spoilers. We’re talking about a specific titan here, so I have to get into plot points for everything to make sense. If you’re not up to speed on both the anime and manga (remember that the anime is not complete yet while the manga is), then there will be spoilers in this article for you. Consider this your formal warning. With all of that out of the way, let’s talk about the jaw titan. This is one of the nine special titans. People of Eldian descent are capable of becoming titans, and if a titan eats one of the

Itachi Holding Back Against Sasuke: How Much? (All the Info)

Itachi Holding Back Against Sasuke: How Much?

Here’s how much Itachi was holding back against Sasuke: Itachi was clearly holding back against Sasuke in that it was never his goal to permanently harm Sasuke. That said, Itachi exerted himself in the fight to a point where he arguably died of exhaustion. So, Itachi was holding back strategically, but he didn’t really hold back in terms of physical effort. So if you want to learn all about how much Itachi restrained himself against Sasuke, then this article is for you. Keep reading! Who Is Itachi? In order to talk about a fight between Itachi and Sasuke, we have to set the stage. That means I have to talk about key moments in the Naruto manga (and consequently the Naruto anime that was based on the manga). My point is that there are spoilers ahead. That’s your fair warning. That said, let’s talk about Itachi. In the Naruto storyline, Itachi is one of the most influential characters with the least amount of “screen time.” Itachi’s decisions shape events around him, but we don’t get a large number of panels with Itachi’s presence. Itachi is a member of the Uchiha clan, and he’s Sasuke’s brother. He’s known as one of the strongest ninjas of all time, and for a long time in the series, he’s portrayed as an extreme villain. We find out later that he was only assuming the role of villain in order to protect his village from the shadows, but that’s the gist of who Itachi is. He’s a ninja so strong that maybe only a handful of other ninjas in the world would even have the courage to fight him. Arguably, none of them would win (depending on the conditions of the fight). Who Is Sasuke? Sasuke is one of the primary characters in Naruto. He is Naruto’s rival and best friend, and by the end of the series, he is one of the two strongest

Itachi Never Sick: What Would Have Happened? (All the Info)

Itachi Never Sick: What Would Have Happened?

Here’s what would have happened if Itachi was never sick: If Itachi was never sick, he probably could have prevented the Akatsuki from fulfilling their plans, and he might have completely averted the 4th Great Ninja War. Naruto and Sasuke probably would not have developed nearly as much. Itachi’s health could have completely changed the Naruto storyline. So if you want to learn all about how things would have turned out if Itachi never got sick, then this article is for you. Let’s jump right into it! Who Is Itachi? This conversation has an obvious starting point. Who is Itachi? He’s a significant character in the Naruto series. He is the older brother of Sasuke (one of the leading characters in the series), and he’s one of the most accomplished ninjas in the world. Itachi is a character who is always manipulating things behind the scenes, and his decisions heavily influence the total story. Speaking of which, this discussion is definitely going to involve some major spoilers. I’m going to discuss this from the perspective of the Naruto manga. But, since the anime is based on the manga, there will be anime spoilers in here too. If you’re not caught up on Naruto and want to avoid spoilers, then you might want to come back to this later. With that covered, let’s discuss a few important facts about Itachi. First, he’s a member of the Uchiha clan and one of the most accomplished members in the clan’s history. He’s also the person who wiped out the clan. It turned out that he did that to stop a coup against the Leaf Village, but regardless, Itachi’s prowess as a ninja gave him the ability to influence the world around him at a global scale. Itachi joined the Akatsuki, an organization of extremely powerful ninja villains (there will be more about this later). Ultimately, Itachi developed a terminal illness, and he died

Minato as 4th Hokage: Why Not Jiraiya or Tsunade? (All Info)

Minato as 4th Hokage: Why Not Jiraiya or Tsunade?

Here’s why Minato was chosen as the 4th Hokage instead of Jiraiya or Tsunade: Minato was chosen partly because Jiraiya and Tsunade were both uninterested in taking the post of Hokage. He was also chosen because Jiraiya lobbied hard on his behalf. Most importantly, he was probably the objective best choice to be the fourth Hokage considering his skills and temperament. So if you want to learn all about why Minato became the 4th Hokage instead of Jiraiya or Tsunade, then this article is for you. Let’s get right into it! Who Is Minato? This question is a bit bigger than you might have anticipated. There are a lot of characters and plot points involved in the explanation. I’ll take you through every last bit of it, but to do that, I have to spoil some things in the original Naruto series. I’ll be basing all of this on the manga. The anime adaptation is pretty faithful, so on this particular question, the anime answers will largely be the same. But for consistency, I’ll be sticking specifically with the events and characters as described in the manga. All of this is to say that I can’t answer your question without going through a bunch of spoilers. This content is years old at this point, but if you’re thinking of reading or watching Naruto for the first time, then you might want to stop now and come back when you’re caught up. Consider this your formal spoiler warning. With that covered, let’s talk about Minato. As you probably already know, he was the Fourth Hokage of Konoha. Since this is a Japanese story, there are a lot of Japanese names that pop up. I’ll translate a few that are important, starting with Konoha. It roughly means “leaf village,” and it’s the home of the protagonist, Naruto. When Naruto’s story begins, he is a young teenager, and he is deeply familiar with

Attack on Titan's Tree at End: Meaning? (All the Info)

Attack on Titan’s Tree at End: Meaning?

Here’s what the tree at the end of Attack on Titan means: The meaning of the tree at the end is left ambiguous on purpose. It could be signifying that titan powers will rise again and create massive conflict anew. It might be more symbolic suggesting that the struggles related to the titans are inevitable as long as life persists in the world. So if you want to learn all about the meaning of the tree at the end of Attack on Titan, then this is article is for you. Let’s jump right into it! What Attack on Titan Tree? Before we get into this, I need to issue a major spoiler warning. The tree in question shows up in the final frames of the original manga, and this is a part of the story that has not been covered by the anime yet. If you’re an anime-only fan, then there are major spoilers ahead. If you haven’t finished the manga for any reason, there are major spoilers ahead.  You have been warned. With that covered, let’s talk about this tree. Trees actually show up a lot throughout the series, and they seem to carry some heavy symbolism. The original titan actually stumbles across titan powers in a giant tree (which will be relevant a little later). The tree I’m discussing today actually shows up in the final panels of the manga. At the very end of the entire series, Mikasa kills Eren by taking his head. She then slips away from the battlefield because she is worried that no one will allow her to give Eren a proper burial.  As she is leaving, she tells Armin that she’s going to take Eren to his favorite spot. The manga skips ahead a bit, and we see Mikasa sitting under a tree. Upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that Eren’s grave is under the tree too. But, that’s not the end of

Attack on Titan's Art Style Change: Why? (All the Info)

Attack on Titan’s Art Style Change: Why?

The anime art style changed at the start of the fourth season, which saw its first episode aired in 2020. The art change redesigned all of the characters and introduced 3D animation for the titans. These changes were mostly due to the producers contracting a new animation studio starting in the fourth season.

Super Shenron vs. Zeno: Winner? (Everything to Know)

Super Shenron vs. Zeno: Winner?

Here’s who would win in a fight between Super Shenron and Zeno: Zeno and Super Shenron would not fight in a traditional anime sense because of how their powers work, but if their powers were pitted against each other, Zeno would win easily. Zeno is capable of destroying Super Shenron. Meanwhile, nothing in the story is capable of harming Zeno on any level. So if you want to learn all about who’d come out victorious in a battle between Super Shenron and Zeno, then you’re in the right place. Let’s jump right into it! Who Is Zeno? (2 Strengths) If you’re not up to speed on the latest iterations of the Dragon Ball franchise, you might not be familiar with Zeno. I’m going to explain who he is and what he can do, but first, I need to give you a warning. Comparing Zeno to Super Shenron requires me to discuss plot points that arise in the anime, manga, and movies that are part of the Dragon Ball Super franchise. If you’re not up to date on everything, then you might see some major spoilers in here. Proceed with caution. With that out of the way, let’s talk about who Zeno is. He is known as the Omni King. He rules over the entire Dragon Ball multiverse. In fact, he is the overlord of all 11 universes in the fictional reality. He is so powerful that gods of destruction cower in fear before him. He is stated multiple times to be the most powerful character in existence in the franchise, and it is said that none are above him. #1 Zeno’s Powers The full extent of Zeno’s powers are not fully known. What we do know is that he is basically infinitely powerful, and he is capable of destruction. I’ll get into specific feats of power in the next section, but Zeno can blink anything out of existence, instantaneously, simply

Tsunade to Sakura: Mother Figure? (Everything to Know)

Tsunade to Sakura: Mother Figure?

Here’s everything about Tsunade being a mother figure to Sakura: For the most part, Tsunade and Sakura do not have a mother-daughter relationship. They have a very strong relationship as teacher and student, but neither character is really looking for a mother or daughter figure in their lives. Despite that, they do have a strong bond and care for each other deeply. So if you want to learn all about Tsunade acting as a mother figure to Sakura, then this article is for you. Keep reading! Who Is Tsunade? Let’s start this conversation with a little background information. Tsunade is a major character in the Naruto franchise, but before I get into details, it’s important to talk about spoilers. Tsunade is pivotal in the original Naruto manga as well as the Naruto and Shippuden anime series. I can’t talk about her or her relationship with Sakura while avoiding pilot points. So, this is your spoiler warning. If you aren’t up to speed on Naruto, then you will see spoilers in this discussion. Note for those who don’t know: manga is a style of Japanese comic book. Anime are Japanese cartoon shows. Most popular anime are adapted from manga, and that is the case for Naruto. With that covered, Tsunade is the Fifth Hokage (leader of the Leaf Village), and the granddaughter of Hashirama (the founder of the Leaf Village). She’s also one of the legendary Sanin. She, along with Jiraiya and Orochimaru, was a legend in the Third Great Ninja War. She fought many enemies, and in that war, she consistently came out on top. After the death of the Third Hokage, Naruto and Jiraiya set out to find her and convince her to become the Hokage. They succeeded, and when she took the post, she also took on Sakura as a student of medical ninjutsu.  Who Is Sakura? We also need to spend a minute talking about Sakura. She’s

Luffy's Gear First: What's Luffy's Gear First? (All the Info)

Luffy’s Gear First: What‘s Luffy’s Gear First?

Here’s everything you want to know about Luffy’s gear first: For Luffy, gear first is his natural, even resting state. He only has the first gear for a significant portion of the early saga, and it’s enough for him to fight every enemy he comes across until he gets to Enies Lobby. If Luffy isn’t clearly using one of his higher gears, he’s in gear first, whether relaxing or fighting. So if you want to learn all about Luffy’s gear first, then this article is for you. Keep reading! Who Is Luffy? Since you’re reading this, I assume you’ve heard of Luffy before. He’s the protagonist of One Piece. As such, talking about Luffy and his gears actually involves a lot of plot points related to One Piece, and that’s the real point of this section. There are spoilers ahead. In fact, there are massive spoilers ahead, even if you’re fully caught up on the One Piece anime. So, if you’re avoiding One Piece spoilers, you need to leave right now. If you’re caught up or don’t care about spoilers, then we can talk about Luffy’s gears. What Are Luffy’s Gears? (4 Kinds) Gear first doesn’t fully make sense unless we fully discuss all of the gears. Luffy has five different gears to date, each offering different power-ups and coming with different drawbacks. As you go up in gears, the power Luffy gains from it does increase, but it helps to understand how and why the gears are so different. #1 2nd The first time Luffy ever mentions a gear is near the end of the Enies Lobby arc. At this point, most of the Straw Hat crew has paired off with various enemies, and the only one left to find and fight is Rob Lucci. Lucci is the most formidable opponent that Luffy has faced at this point, and earlier in the arc, Luffy realized he wasn’t strong enough

Jiraiya's Sage Mode: What Is Wrong? (Everything to Know)

Jiraiya’s Sage Mode: What Is Wrong?

Here’s what’s wrong with Jiraiya’s sage mode: Jiraiya cannot perfectly balance natural energy and his own chakra. Because of that, his sage mode distorts his face, giving him a wart-covered engorged nose along with a few other frog-like features. Even if Jiraiya had perfect sage mode, his life would have played out the exact same way. So if you want to learn all about the flaws in Jiraiya’s sage mode, then this article is for you. Let’s get right into it! Who Is Jiraiya?  Before I get into any of the important details, let’s have a spoiler warning. Jiraiya is a significant character in both the Naruto manga and the two anime series (Naruto and Shippuden). In order to talk about Jiraiya and sage mode, I have to discuss major plot points. There will be spoilers. Granted, these are plot points that happened more than a decade ago in the original manga, but if you aren’t up to speed, you might not want to read this yet. With that out of the way, let’s talk about Jiraiya. There’s a lot to say. Jiraiya is known as one of the Legendary Sanin. He’s one of three ninjas from Konoha (the Leaf Village) that became famous in the great ninja wars of the past. At the time he is introduced in the original series, he is already in his 60s, but he’s still one of the most powerful ninjas in the world. Jiraiya was trained directly by the Third Hokage. When he was a full-grown ninja, he ended up training Minato, the man who became the Fourth Hokage. Minato trained Kakashi, and Kakashi was the ninja in charge of training Naruto when he became a full-fledged young ninja. So, in a matter of succession, Jiraiya passed down knowledge that made it to Naruto. But, it goes further. When Naruto is still pretty young, Jiraiya decides to train him personally. He teaches Naruto

Luffy's Bracelet: Meaning? (Everything to Know)

Luffy’s Bracelet: Meaning?

Here’s everything about the meaning of Luffy’s bracelet: At first, the bracelet just seems to be a glass armlet that Luffy thinks is cool. We later find that it is a map to the treasure of Captain John, one of the most famous treasures in the world. Beyond that, Luffy is able to trade the bracelet to Buggy the Clown in exchange for help finding his brother, Ace. So if you want to learn all about what Luffy’s bracelet means, then this article is for you. Keep reading! Who Is Luffy? C’mon. You know who Luffy is, right? He’s the main protagonist of the most popular manga series of all time. His anime is pretty popular too. Everyone has heard of him by now right? Well, just in case you haven’t joined the Japanese sensation that is One Piece, I’ll take a minute to explain. Be warned, there are spoilers throughout this article. The bracelet in question is a major plot point in one part of the story. I can’t explain it without spoiling that part of the story. Back to Luffy now. Luffy lives in a world where most of the world consists of islands. In this highly aquatic world, everything is ruled by naval power. There is a single world government with a massive and powerful navy, but it is challenged for global dominance by the rise of lots and lots of pirates. At the start of the One Piece series, a man named Gol D. Roger is the king of the pirates. He is captured, and at his execution (which is broadcast live to the entire world), he says that he hid his vast pirate fortune. He calls that fortune the One Piece, and he says that whoever can find it will be the next king of the pirates. This inspires many to try their hand at piracy, and the age of pirates begins. Luffy is born

Muzan Kibutsuji vs. Deku: Winner? (Everything to Know)

Muzan Kibutsuji vs. Deku: Winner?

Here’s who would win in a fight between Muzan Kibutsuji and Deku: It’s hard to make too many direct comparisons between these characters because the nature of how fights are portrayed in each series is so different. Considering that, it’s likely that Muzan is too fast, durable, and difficult to kill. He would be able to defeat Deku in virtually any variation of this matchup. So if you want to learn all about who’d emerge victorious in a battle between Muzan and Deku, then this article is for you. Let’s get right into it! Who Is Muzan Kibutsuji? (2 Sections) If you don’t recognize the name, Muzan is the main antagonist in the Demon Slayer series. There is both a manga and an anime adaptation, and he is the principal bad guy in both. Before I go on, it’s important to stop and warn you about this discussion. In order to talk about who would win this fight, I have to cover the abilities of both Muzan and Deku. Doing so will include major spoilers for both Demon Slayer and My Hero Academia. If you aren’t fully caught up on both mangas, then it’s probably best if you stop here and come back later. I don’t want to ruin either story for you. With that covered, we can get deeper into Muzan and his abilities. I’ll break down his basic character in the next section. Following that, I’ll discuss his fighting abilities and how they might compare to characters in other series. #1 Muzan’s Story In the Demon Slayer anime, we still don’t know much about Muzan. We know that he’s the head of all of the demons, and we know that demons are made by using his blood. We also know that with very few exceptions, he can control all of the demons. But, we’ve never seen him fight, and we don’t really know his backstory. In the manga, things are

Titan Transformations: Why Different Lightnings? (All Info)

Titan Transformations: Why Different Lightnings?

Here’s why some titans transform with a lightning ball and others with a lightning bolt: There are really two possibilities. The first possibility is that the size of lightning corresponds with the size of the titan that is transforming, so larger titans produce large bolts, and small titans produce small balls. It also might just be an artistic effect where the lightning size denotes the dramatic impact. So if you want to learn all about why titan transformations happen with different lightnings, then this article is for you. Let’s jump right into it! What Is a Titan? I’m going to be pretty thorough about all of this, especially because the lightning variations don’t have a clear, canon answer. Since I’m being thorough, I need to hit you with a spoiler warning first thing. The answers to your questions involve significant plot points from Attack on Titan. While the manga has been finished for a while now, the anime is not yet complete. So, if you don’t already know the full story, then you can turn back right now. If you read beyond this point, you risk running into spoilers. With that said, what is a titan? In the Attack on Titan franchise, titans are giant humanoid creatures. They seem to never die of natural causes. They roam the wildernesses outside of the walls on Paradis, and when they come into contact with humans, they eat those humans. Titans don’t actually need to eat; they just seem to derive pleasure from it. For the most part, titans are fairly mindless, instinctual creatures, but there are exceptions. Some titans, known as aberrant titans, exhibit weird behaviors. There are also nine special titans, known as “human” titans, that break all of the rules. These nine titans are actually regular, everyday-looking humans who can transform into specialized titans under the right conditions. Once transformed, each of the nine titans has its own special abilities,