Anime Girls as Profile Pics: Why?

Here’s why people have anime girls as their profile pictures:

You can boil any motivation for using an anime girl in a profile picture down to one simple concept: people do it because they want to.

If you want to explore adjacent motivations, then people might do this out of a feeling of low self-confidence, to stay anonymous online, or to express their love of a character.

So if you want to learn all about why people choose anime girls for their profile pictures, then this is the right article for you.

Let’s get started!

Anime Girls as Profile Pics: Why? (Everything to Know)

What Profile Pictures? (4 Situations)

This question is a little bit bigger than it might seem.

Sure, we’ve probably all seen some anime girl profile pictures before, but what was the context?

Were you reading comments on an anime-playing website?

If so, that’s kind of self-explanatory.

You’re among anime fans, so of course, some are going to have anime characters for profile pictures.

But under a different context, it might seem weird to see anime girls show up.

So, let’s look at those contexts as a starting point. 

#1 Social Media

We’re going to start with social media.

Everyone has a social media account, right? More than one?

Well, if you’ve used a lot of social media, you might dispute this idea.

How often do you really see anime girl profile pictures?

A deeper dive reveals that even this specific niche of profile pictures is a little bit complicated.

A lot of people use social media for networking and influencing purposes.

So, when you’re checking out your favorite influencers, they probably have pictures of themselves for the profile.

It makes sense because they’re using social media to build their brand and recognition.

But, when you get into the masses who don’t use social media for these purposes, you’ll start to see more anime girl profile pictures.

It hasn’t completely taken over social media, but it definitely happens, and when we get into the reasons, it’ll start to make a lot of sense.

#2 Forums

If you look at profile pictures across a bunch of different forum platforms on the internet, you’ll start to see more anime girls.

There are a few reasons. 

First, a lot of forums steer harder into anonymity.

You can make up a username, and forums aren’t always the best way to work on your brand and influence.

On top of that, a lot of forums cater to niche interests.

So, if those interests intersect with anime at any point, you’ll see more anime girls in the profile pictures.

This doesn’t answer the why of it all, but it sheds a little more light on how the experience really depends on the type of profile in question.

#3 Games

Video game profile pictures are where you might see the most anime girls.

Whether the profile picture is in the game itself or just related to the game (like on Steam), there seems to be an abundance of anime girls in this subculture.

It’s really not surprising.

Anime comes from Japan.

Japan has also been a world leader in video game production for many decades.

Video games were more or less originally developed in Japan.

So, it’s understandable that you’ll find a large crossover between fans of video games and fans of anime.

#4 Anything Else

The internet is a big place, and you can find all kinds of profiles for all kinds of purposes.

You might see anime girls among any of them.

As I explain rationalizations, you’ll see that it ultimately doesn’t matter.

The reasons for using an anime girl in the profile picture are fairly universal, so no matter the context, you’ll run into it sometimes.

But, when there is a larger crossover between anime fandom and the type of profile in question (like with video games), then the prevalence will be higher.

What Anime Girls?

There’s not a clear, specific trend as to which anime girls are in the most profile pictures.

Whenever an anime makes a big splash and takes over the subculture, you’ll see more profile pictures of girls from that anime. 

But, over the long period, there is no specific anime girl that needs discussion.

The trend is to use anime figures as profile pictures in general (and not necessarily just female characters).

So, when we ask “what anime girls,” we really mean any of them.

It doesn’t matter too much.

Why Do People Have Anime Girls as Profile Pictures? (4 Reasons)

Ok. We’ve gone over the different kinds of profile pictures where you see this phenomenon.

We’ve also established that it’s not a particular anime girl that is showing up all over the place.

It’s a wide range of girls, and because of that, you might assume that there is a wide range of reasons for this behavior.

You’re right.

Everyone has their own reasons for doing anything, and when it comes to selecting profile pictures, that holds true.

I can’t give you a single answer that definitively answers for most cases.

Instead, I can give you a handful of answers that will apply more often than not.

Below, you’ll see why people use anime girls for their profile pictures.

#1 Self Esteem

If you go into online forums and ask people why they use anime girls in their profile pictures, this is an answer that you will see a lot.

Plenty of people online don’t like pictures of themselves. In fact, that’s probably true for people in offline settings too.

It’s very easy to be critical of pictures of yourself.

So, when people want to have an active profile but don’t want a picture of themselves, then they need something else.

A standard anime girl profile pic seems like a neutral way to dodge a real photo.

And, if you read the forums I linked above, you’ll see that some people admit to doing this when they don’t even like anime.

It’s just about providing an aesthetically unoffensive photo that helps the user dodge their dislike of their own pictures.

#2 Anonymity

Plenty of people use anime photos because they don’t like to see pictures of themselves, but we can actually go a step deeper.

Depending on the account and the profile in question, the user might be using the anime picture for the sake of anonymity.

This makes less sense with a lot of social media, but if you’re just having conversations on Reddit or some other forum setting, then you might not want the strangers there to know your real name or face.

So, an anime girl profile picture keeps your face out of the forums, and that helps protect your anonymity.

#3 Security

In more extreme cases, anonymity is an important aspect of security.

Say you’re a notorious person who is on a forum posting anonymously.

You might worry that people will try to find you through the forum because things like that have happened before.

So, you avoid any trace of your real identity for the sake of security.

Even if you aren’t notorious with a history of these kinds of problems, anonymity feels safer on the internet.

So, plenty of people participate in this practice in order to feel safer while they do things they like on the internet.

If this is the case, you might not expect to see an anime girl in particular, but any profile picture that isn’t revealing would suffice.

#4 Because They Want To

And, that brings us to the ultimate answer.

Whether you’re trying to stay anonymous, or you have self-esteem issues, you could choose any picture in the world for your profile.

You could use a sunflower or a dolphin or even a picture of a famous character that isn’t from anime.

Why would you choose an anime girl over those other options?

There’s really only one answer.

You chose that because you wanted to.

Whether you’re a fan of anime or not, something about that picture felt like the right choice, and you went with it.

That’s all that really matters.

People have anime girls as profile pictures because it’s what they happen to want.

Why Do Men Have Anime Girls as Profile Pictures?

The reasons above are all generalized.

Why would a guy use an anime girl for a profile picture?

Are they trying to subtly hint at something?

I can’t speak for everyone, so there might be cases where that’s true.

But, generally speaking, no.

Guys put anime girls in their profile pictures because they want to.

In plenty of cases, the anime girl they choose is one they happen to like as a character.

There’s not really a deeper meaning here.

People normally do things because it’s what they want to do, and when it comes to a guy who uses an anime girl for a profile picture, the story is the same.

He liked the picture and selected it.

There’s really not anything else to discuss.

Why Do Women Have Anime Girls as Profile Pictures?

What about females, though?

When women choose an anime girl for a profile picture, is there more under the surface?

Again, I can’t speak for everyone.

If there’s a user, in particular, you are wondering about, you should ask her yourself.

In general, women aren’t any different from men on this front.

They choose the pictures because they like them.

That’s all there is to it.

Anime is pretty popular around the world these days.

It shouldn’t be too surprising that people with profiles happen to like a particular female anime character and use that character for a profile picture.