Anime Body Pillows: Creepy or Weird?

Here’s how creepy or weird anime body pillows are:

Anime body pillows are not entirely weird, and they’re not creepy by necessity.

That said, depending on the depiction on the body pillow and how the person interacts with it, it can become a very creepy thing.

Simple decorations are fine, but things get awkward when you snuggle with an animated character.

So if you want to learn all about when exactly can anime body pillows get weird or creepy, then this article is for you.

Let’s jump right in!

Anime Body Pillows: Creepy or Weird? (All the Info)

What Is an Anime Body Pillow?

cute anime waifu body pillow standing in the corner of the room

Let’s start this little journey by explaining the idea a little more.

An anime body pillow is combining two different ideas: a body pillow, and anime merchandise.

Let’s start with body pillows.

You might be familiar with the idea, but to ensure we’re all on the same page, a body pillow is a regular pillow, only longer.

They are usually roughly the length of a person, and the idea is that you can sleep up against them to try to improve your sleep quality.

You can sleep with your back to them, with your arms wrapped around them, or in any other number of positions, and used well, body pillows can actually provide health benefits.

They’re often prescribed for expecting mothers to help manage the baby bump during sleep.

They’re also helpful for people with back conditions and other medical issues.

On top of that, plenty of people use the long pillows decoratively.

They offer different pillow arrangements and configurations on a bed, and if you’re really into using your bed as a display, body pillows offer more options.

With all of that in mind, an anime body pillow is a normal body pillow, but it has an image of an anime character on it.

Typically, the image is just on a pillow case, but you can get specialized pillows that are very artistic and even shaped like the character (such a thing is much, much less common). 

Anime Characters

Sexy anime girl with big blue eyes

Hang on a second.

We’ve covered body pillows, but we need to clarify a little bit.

What anime characters are on the pillows?

What is this all about?

If you’re not already familiar, anime is a popular art form in Japan.

It’s a type of animated expression that most often comes in the form of a weekly show, but there are anime movies as well.

Anime is known for its distinctive drawing styles and for providing unique stories.

Since around the 80s, anime has steadily become more popular around the world, and these days, it’s a mainstream medium in most countries.

Bringing this back to body pillows, you can have an image put on a pillow case, and if that image is an anime character, then you’re making an anime body pillow.

That’s really what’s going on here.

How Weird Is an Anime Body Pillow? (2 Things)

woman with surprised expression looking at her laptop on the table

That covers what an anime body pillow is, but how weird is it for one to be on a bed?

Should you be creeped out if you see one?

Clearly, this is a subjective idea.

Weirdness isn’t something we can scientifically define, so to answer your question, I’m going to have to explore a few ideas with you.

To determine whether or not something is weird, I’m going to suggest that we should see just how abnormal or outside of the mainstream it really is.

If it’s way out there, then we can say it’s pretty weird. But, if it’s fairly mainstream, then it isn’t all that weird, even if it’s something you and I might not really get.

To give you a short answer, anime body pillows aren’t that weird (in this context).

Both body pillows and anime are pretty common at this point and well within the idea of mainstream, so it’s not entirely weird to see the two come together.

Later, we’ll talk about creepiness, and that’s a bit of a different story.

#1 Weird vs. Common

man watching anime on TV while hugging waifu anime body pillow

So, why aren’t these body pillows weird?

I can break this into two parts to really clarify.

First, body pillows are quite common.

You can find them for sale at pretty much any store that carries pillows at all.

And, when you see them on display, they probably don’t seem weird at all to you.

The body pillow part of this whole thing is common enough.

Even though body pillows aren’t necessarily on the majority of beds in the world, they’re recognizable, and they probably don’t weird you out, especially now that you know they provide real health benefits.

As for anime, it’s also pretty common.

Odds are, you can recognize that something is from anime right away, even if you’ve never watched a series and can’t name the anime or the character.

It’s a common medium, and it’s easy to recognize.

Once again, it’s not exactly weird to see anime stuff around.

Would you think it’s really uncommon or weird to see someone wearing an anime t-shirt?

Is it weird that anime is on Netflix?

Anime is common enough that it’s a normal thing to see in your life.

So, if anime isn’t weird, and body pillows aren’t weird, then it can only be so weird to put the two together.

#2 The Mainstream Effect

Man watching american football eating snacks on couch at home

Let’s consider this idea from a different perspective.

Have you heard of the NFL or American football?

It’s a popular sport, but the majority of people in the world don’t watch it.

In fact, the majority of people in the United States don’t watch the NFL at all.

Despite that, it’s an incredibly mainstream sport.

You can probably recognize that something is football even if you don’t watch the sport, and there’s a good chance that a person you come across could name an NFL team or player if asked.

They might not be able to name a lot of teams and/or players, but they could come up with at least one.

Considering that, would you find it weird if someone had an NFL team logo on their pillowcase?

Even if it’s a body pillow?

Yeah, it’s just not weird.

We’re talking about someone having a pillow that shows their appreciation for something mainstream, which by its very nature isn’t weird.

Now, allow me to add more context.

Far more people watch anime around the world than watch American football.

In fact, more people in the United States watch anime than American football.

So, if a football logo isn’t weird, then neither is an anime body pillow.

But, Is an Anime Body Pillow Creepy? (3 Points)

a shocked young attractive woman using laptop in bed

Here’s the thing. Whether or not something weird is really a measure of whether or not it’s common.

Anime body pillows specifically might not be so common, but it’s an idea born of two really common things.

Creepiness is different.

Things can be both common and creepy.

For instance, it’s not weird for people to wear Halloween masks in October. But, the masks can be super creepy.

And when it comes to anime body pillows, we have to consider a few more things to rate the creepy factor of it all.

If you want a short answer, anime body pillows are not necessarily creepy, but there are some cases where they are definitely creepy.

I’ll explain a few things to make these distinctions clear.

#1 Decorations

Young cute woman wearing a unicorn pajama holding a pillow

An anime body pillow can be entirely decorative.

It might sit on a bit and then end up on the floor while the person sleeps.

The pillow is there to demonstrate that a person likes a show, and in this case, it’s absolutely no different from having a football logo on a pillow (or anything else, really).

There’s a clear example that makes this clear.

A lot of anime body pillows will feature the whole cast of a show with the show’s logo front and center.

It’s basically a way of saying “I really like this show.”

That’s not exactly a creepy thing to have on a bed.

So, purely decorative anime body pillows are not creepy.

And, on that same note, if someone has a decorative body pillow, but they happen to leave it on the bed for sleep (trying to reap the health benefits), it’s still not creepy.

It’s still a normal expression of fandom that just happens to include a body pillow.

#2 Waifus

man with dakimakura 2D anime waifu body pillow

Waifus are where things get weird.

If you’re not familiar with the term, a waifu is a female character in an anime show that gathers a bit of a following.

Waifus are usually “cute” characters, and fans of the character tend to get pretty attached.

Waifus can range from being a silly topic for joking conversations to weird creepy obsessions.

For the sake of thoroughness, there are male counterparts to waifus, called husbandos.

I’m really talking about both here, but the waifu version seems to be more common, so it’s getting more of my attention.

You can probably see where this is going, so I’ll try to get through it as painlessly as possible.

Basically, there’s a big difference between having a body pillow with your favorite anime logo and having a body pillow that is just a waifu.

This is especially creepy if we’re talking about full-fledged adults with these pillows.

I don’t really need to dig deeper into this, right?

#3 Fan Service

a young sexy beautiful woman using laptop in bed

Unfortunately, waifus aren’t the end of this story, and here’s where we get into the even creepier stuff.

You might have noticed, but it’s not uncommon for a TV show to use a little bit of eye candy to boost the ratings.

This cuts in both directions.

People on TV tend to be a lot more attractive than the average Joe, and that’s not an accident.

Well, this gets a little creepier when you realize that anime shows try to do the same thing.

The problem is that the characters are animated.

Despite that, showrunners display overproportioned characters (both male and female) in provocative situations and outfits.

It’s called fan service (and it’s not necessarily pornographic at all), and some shows really go over the top with it.

Bringing this back to creepy body pillows (sigh), it’s definitely creepy when someone has a body pillow that shows a moment of fan service.

That’s weird all around, and when it’s an adult with this body pillow, it’s extra creepy.