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Ace vs. Enel: Winner?

Here’s who would win in a fight between Ace and Enel:

According to the world of One Piece and how Ace died, it’s safe to say that Enel would win this fight extremely easily.

Enel has much better observational haki than Ace, and he could use it to land a lightning strike on Ace without much trouble.

Enel’s lightning is more than hot enough to burn Ace, ending the fight.

So if you want to learn all about who would emerge victorious in a battle between Ace and Enel, then this article is for you.

Let’s jump right in!

Ace vs. Enel: Winner? (Everything to Know)

Who Is Ace?

Ok. We have a lot to cover today, so let me start at the beginning.

Ace is a major character in One Piece.

For those who aren’t familiar, One Piece is the most successful manga series of all time.

In case you don’t know what a manga series is, it’s like a Japanese comic book.

One Piece is a story about pirates in a somewhat whacky world.

It’s a strange mix of silly and serious, and it has a huge global following.

There is also an immensely popular anime series adapted from the manga, along with many movies.

But today, we’re talking about the manga, mostly to keep things simple.

One more thing before we get going.

I am going to be discussing significant plot points to explain everything in this hypothetical fight.

So, there are going to be spoilers.

If you’re not caught up on the manga and/or anime, then proceed with caution.

All of that said, let’s talk about Ace.

Ace is the son of the former pirate king, Gol D. Roger.

He grew up with Luffy (the series’ protagonist), and they consider each other brothers.

Ace also joined the Whitebeard pirates, one of the strongest crews in the world.

And, ultimately, Ace met his demise during the Marineford War, where he was punched to death by Admiral Akainu. 

What Are Ace’s Abilities?

Since we’re considering Ace in a fight, we should probably talk about his fighting abilities.

Ace was never quite at the highest level of fighting ability in the series, but he was no lightweight.

He was the user of the fire fire devil fruit.

It’s an insanely powerful logia devil fruit that turned his body into fire and gave him control over fire in general (don’t worry, I’ll explain more about devil fruits in a bit).

If that wasn’t enough, Ace was also a master of haki (more on this in a bit too).

He could definitely use observational and armament haki, and it is argued that he could use conqueror’s haki.

The third one is debated in different sources, so for the sake of this fight, I’ll say that Ace couldn’t use conqueror’s haki.

That might not be correct, but it actually won’t matter for this fight anyway.

Ace was also a very experienced fighter, so in general terms, he was able to understand a situation and adapt to it.

There were probably only a dozen or so people in the world who could be Ace in a one-on-one fight at the time of his death.

Wait, What Are Devil Fruits?

That covers Ace pretty well, but we need to spend a minute talking about devil fruits—especially since this will come up again with Enel.

Devil fruits are one of the things that really makes One Piece so unique.

In the series, a devil fruit is a literal fruit that is said to be cursed by the devil.

If you eat one, you will get a specific power, but you will never be able to swim again.

In fact, the ocean will sap your strength, and you will easily drown.

Also, if you consume two devil fruits, you will die (although there seems to be a single exception in the One Piece world).

In a world about fictional pirates, this is a big deal.

The fruits offer power, but the price is steep for someone who lives on a ship on the ocean.

Devil fruits come in all kinds of varieties.

There are fruits that turn the eater’s body into rubber, that allows someone to turn other fruits into clothing, fruits that can turn an animal into a human, and so much more.

It’s really a way for the writer to explore completely original ideas, and there’s some strange stuff in One Piece.

Fortunately, we don’t have to cover it all.

Instead, I need to explain the types of fruits and the two specific fruits that matter for our fight.

First, devil fruits come in three categories: logias, paramecias, and zoans. 

Zoan fruits give the eater powers and characteristics of an animal.

So, if you eat the hawk hawk fruit, you’ll probably grow wings and be able to fly like a hawk.

Paramecias are the weird ones.

This is basically the category for fruits that don’t fit into the other categories.

Basically, they give you a unique power.

That power might change your body.

It might give you the ability to change things around you.

There are lots of variations, and it’s too much to cover.

Logias are the ones that really matter today.

A logia fruit changes your body into a type of natural element.

In Ace’s case, the fire fire fruit actually turns his body into fire.

This comes with a lot of consequences, not least of which is that it’s very difficult to harm him.

If you were to shoot Ace with a gun, the bullet would go straight through him.

After all, you can’t exactly shoot fire, right?

Logias are considered the most powerful fruits because of this factor.

The users get massive defensive abilities without trying, and they’re very hard to harm, much less defeat.

On top of that, logia fruits give their users the ability to control whatever their body turns into.

Using Ace as an example again, he can completely control fire.

Again, it’s as powerful as it sounds.

And What Is Haki?

The other thing we need to cover is haki.

This is a special power in One Piece that is hard to describe.

Basically, it’s a manifestation of the user’s will, but with real-world consequences.

It might make more sense to explain the three types of haki.

The first is armament haki.

With this, a user can use the strength of their will to create a supernatural armor around their body.

This armor dramatically increases their toughness and destructive capabilities in a fight.

As an example, if you were to encase your arm with armament haki and punch Ace, it would hurt him, despite the fact that he is made of fire.

When two people with armament haki fight, the person with the stronger will comes out on top, as their armament will be tougher and more destructive.

The second type is observational haki.

This allows a person to have heightened awareness of their surroundings, and it can even enable them to see the future.

It’s pretty useful in a fight.

The third is called conqueror’s haki.

It’s said to be so rare that only 1 in 10 million possess this ability.

It’s a direct projection of one’s will.

With conqueror’s haki, a person can overwhelm their opponents and cause them to pass out.

It can also be used in conjunction with the other hakis, but that’s really beyond the scope of today’s fight.

When it comes to the two fighters, we already established that Ace won’t use conqueror’s haki in this fight, and Enel does not appear able to use it as well. 

Who Is Enel?

We’re making progress.

You know about devil fruits, haki, and Ace.

Now, let’s talk about Enel.

Enel is the antagonist of the Skypiea arc.

He is the leader of a dangerous group that rules over the sky island.

He presents himself as a god, and it shows that his abilities are very advanced.

Enel ultimately lost a fight to Luffy, primarily because Luffy was a perfect match against him.

If not for that, Enel would probably have been in the top 20 fighters in the world.

His abilities are that extreme.

What Can Enel Do?

The first thing to discuss with Enel is his devil fruit, the lightning lightning fruit (using the name twice is just a One Piece convention).

This is a logia fruit that turns Enel into lightning and gives him control over it.

Enel has great control over this ability, and he routinely shows that he can strike people down with lightning from distances too far away to see.

He’s kind of ridiculous on this front, and it’s actually tied to his haki.

The other main strength of Enel is that he can use observational haki.

Actually, he can use advanced observational haki.

He can make pinpoint lightning strikes from miles away, sense the intent of people from just as far away, and easily see into the future. 

With these two abilities, Enel was able to convince an entire island that he was a god, and it wasn’t that big of a stretch.

His abilities are outright ridiculous.

But, there is something to note about Enel’s abilities.

He never showed any ability to use armament or conqueror’s haki.

In fact, we can safely assume that both abilities were beyond his reach, and because of that, he might have an exploitable weakness.

Who Wins in a Fight Between Ace and Enel? (3 Things)

That should be enough information to work with.

Let’s get into the fight.

Who wins?

It depends on a few things.

These are both extremely capable fighters, and there are scenarios where either could come out on top.

If you had already made up your mind, you might disagree with that assessment, but I’ll show you the conditions under which each character can win.

Then, I’ll tell you who I think would win and why.

#1 Ace’s Win Conditions

Let’s consider how Ace could win.

When we pit abilities against each other, they have different strengths and weaknesses.

Even though both can use observational haki, Enel is much more skilled with it than Ace.

In fact, Enel is probably better at using observational haki than any character we’ve seen in the series so far, and that includes the emperors of the sea.

On the other hand, Ace has armament haki and Enel doesn’t.

If Ace can get close enough to hit Enel, then the fight is going to be very one-sided.

Ace can damage Enel with a hit, and the reverse isn’t true.

It’s hard to imagine Enel winning the fight under those circumstances.

As for the devil fruits, it’s a weird idea.

If you pit fire against lightning, which one wins?

That’s hard to say, but one thing is for sure.

Enel’s power is much, much faster than Ace’s, and that’s why this isn’t a sure fight.

Ace has a reliable way to hurt Enel, but actually catching him is going to be tough.

All of that said, Ace’s win condition is landing hits on Enel using armament haki.

Considering the fact that Luffy was able to hit Enel repeatedly, this doesn’t seem like it should be impossible for Ace.

#2 Enel’s Win Conditions

As for Enel, he’s in a tough spot.

Without armament haki, how is he supposed to harm Ace?

Is he just going to find buckets of water lying around to extinguish the flames?

Actually, the answer might surprise you.

If you’re not a One Piece superfan, you might not know how Ace died.

He was punched through the chest by an admiral in the navy.

Here’s the crazy part, that punch didn’t kill Ace because of haki.

Instead, the admiral explains it very clearly.

You see, Admiral Akainu ate the lava lava fruit.

It’s another logia, and Akainu explains that his lava is so hot that it can actually burn a hole in Ace’s fire.

That’s intense and extreme, but it’s important for us to know.

It turns out that Ace can be harmed by something other than haki.

He can be burned by things that are hotter than his fire.

Here’s another thing you might not know if you aren’t a science buff.

Lightning is hotter than fire.

It’s also hotter than lava.

In fact, it’s more than 20 times hotter than either.

A nice, hot fire might reach a temperature of around 2000℉ (1100℃).

Lava comes out of volcanoes a few hundred degrees hotter than that kind of fire (some fires are actually hotter than lava).

Meanwhile, lightning bolts are usually around 50,000℉ (27,760℃).

There’s no question that Enel can burn Ace.

In fact, any lightning strike should take Ace down in a single blow.

And, considering Enel’s observational haki, landing that strike should be easy.

It turns out that Luffy only beat Enel because he is made of rubber—lightning’s natural counter.

This is true in the world of One Piece but not in the real world.

Please do not try to use rubber to protect yourself from lightning.

#3 The Final Verdict

Considering everything, who wins the fight? 


Enel wins before Ace ever has a chance.

It’s completely one-sided and entirely unfair.

But, if One Piece ever retcons Ace’s death and makes it so that he was killed by haki rather than by being burned, then this changes completely.

Without the ability to burn Ace, Enel has absolutely no chance.

He can’t harm the fire person, so eventually, Ace would win.