A Comprehensive Review: Best iwatch Apps top 5

In the age of digital transformation, the Apple Watch has emerged as a game-changer, a device that has revolutionized the way we interact with technology. It’s not just a watch; it’s a personal assistant, a fitness coach, a health monitor, and a productivity tool, all wrapped up in a sleek and stylish package that sits comfortably on your wrist. With the right apps, your Apple Watch can become an even more powerful tool, helping you streamline your life and achieve your goals.

Runner with earphones resting and looking at her smartwatch.

In this blog post, we will delve into the world of Apple Watch apps, exploring some of the most efficient and valuable ones that can truly enhance your life. From tracking your physical activities to helping you meditate, these apps are designed to make your life easier and healthier.

1.Strava is Latin for “Strive.” It is a popular app among athletes and fitness enthusiasts. It tracks physical activities like cycling, running, and canoeing. Strava provides real-time data like speed, distance traveled, and elevation. It uses GPS to give useful information about the routes and possible roadblocks.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Track and record any physical activity.
  • Share your performance with your friends.
  • Become a part of the biggest social platform for athletes.
  • Comment and congratulate other riders on their performance.
  • Create your cycling routes and share them with the community.
  • Discover new routes shared by other members.
  • Strava can sync with accessories like a heart rate monitor and measures the heart rate every 10 minutes.


  • Excessive Battery Consumption

GPS-based location tracking and heart rate monitoring can take a toll on your smartwatch’s battery life.

  • Limited Functionality of Apple Watch

Strava offers basic tracking service on the Apple watch, but many advanced features are more accessible on iPhone. 


Free Version: The free version of the app allows you to track, record and share your progress.

Paid Version: Subscription charges are $7.99 per month or $59.99 per year. Subscribers can enjoy features like segment competition, goal setting, personal heatmaps, and much more. 

2. HeadSpace -It is said that “Meditation and concentration are the way to a life of Serenity.” Headspace brings you closer to this goal by helping you meditate the right way. It also features stress-relief exercises and sleep aids. 

Whenever a customer asks me about the best Apple Watch apps, I recommend them using Headspace. It is my favorite app because it helps remove the mind from stress and chaos. The application is an excellent option for anyone looking for peace and serenity.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Meditation sessions by experienced instructors.
  • Detailed meditation courses covering stress management, sleep, and personal growth.
  • Interactive exercises to bring mindfulness to repetitive day-to-day activities.
  • Headspace gives valuable recommendations for courses, meditation sessions, and exercises in light of your needs and goals. 
  • The progress tracking feature motivates me to maintain a regular meditation practice. 
  • Social features allow users to participate in group meditations and share their progress with friends.
  • The move is a new feature that includes low to medium-impact exercises coached by Olympians Leon Taylor and Kim Glass.  
  • Feeling overwhelmed SOS is an exciting feature that helps users calm down within minutes.


Free Version: You can enjoy three everyday Headspace and Breathe mini-feature sessions for free.

Paid Version: Headspace Plus monthly subscription costs $12.99 and comes with a 7-day free trial. Opting for their annual subscription will give you a 2-week free trial. The cost of this subscription is $69.99.

3.AutoSleep Tracker-Quality sleep lowers stress levels enabling you to start your day with a bright smile. And AutoSleep tracker ensures you get adequate sleep while lending you tools to improve your sleep patterns. 

The auto sleep tracker is one of the best Apple Watch apps because it provides in-depth data about your sleep trends, sleep quality, and even bpm. The app uses a system of rings and a simple traffic light color scheme to help you understand your sleep cycles immediately. One of the reasons we advocate for the AutoSleep tracker is that it can track your sleep without the need to wear the watch throughout the night.

Key Features and Benefits

  • The Sleep Bank maintains your sleep credit and sleep debts. If you are slipping into sleep debt, the app readily advises adjusting your sleeping habits to stay healthy. 
  • The app also has the “Add Siri” option. Siri will remind you when it’s time for bed based on your sleeping patterns. 
  • It has the Apple Watch Smart Alarm – an intelligent feature! When set on arousal mode, the alarm tickles or nudges you with haptics once per minute. These gentle taps slowly bring you back from a deep sleep, making it way better than those traditional alarms. 
  • The app is integrated with the Apple Health App. Your sleep report is automatically updated in the app to help you improve your overall health. 
  • The Live Sleep Tracking feature record the hours you spend in bed and the actual sleeping hours.
  • The advanced algorithms suggest a suitable bedtime based on your everyday sleeping patterns.


The downside of the app is that it does not have a free version. It is available on the App Store for $4.99 as a one–time subscription with no hidden charges.

4.Water Minder– Staying hydrated is a key to achieving a healthy body. But since we all have a busy lifestyle, maintaining a healthy water balance is at the far end of our minds. But when you have Waterminder installed on your Apple Watch, you can stay hydrated throughout the day. 

A simple user interface, excellent charts, and swift reminders make Waterminder a must-have Apple Watch application. The app calculates the appropriate water intake based on your body weight and personal goals. It then sends water reminders throughout the day. This makes it perfect for people who need to develop healthy drinking habits, such as individuals suffering from kidney-related issues and pregnant women. 

Key Features and Benefits

  • Water minder determines your daily water intake based on your region, activity level and climate. 
  • It helps you track your hydration progress at a glance. 
  • The hydration history gives you a detailed review of your drinking habits over the past two weeks. 
  • The app also has a menu icon where you can add 17 types of beverages, including coffee, tea, beer, cocktails, coconut water, and more. So, you can mix all your favorite drinks into your staying hydrated campaign. 
  • The app measures water intake in three sizes: 8oz, 12 oz, and 17oz. But you can customize cup sizes according to your preference. 


Waterminder comes with a one-time subscription plan cost of $14.99 and does not have a free version.

5. Pedometer++ -is a highly recommended option among our list of best Apple watch apps. It is a fitness app specifically designed to count your daily and weekly steps. The app also displays all the useful data, including calories you burned, your heart rate, and your speed. 

Key Features and Benefits

  • The app displays weekly progress with a color-coded bar graph. The bar shows whether you were able to hit your goal or fell short. 
  • The Achievement tabs are what make things interesting. Here you can set goals and participate in monthly challenges and streaks. 
  • Pedometer++ is designed to give hikers a better navigation experience. The app saves the routes offline and displays them on your Apple watch. Hikers can track their steps and routes right through their wrists. 


Free Version:  Pedometer++ has a free subscription plan which involves advertisements. To remove advertisements in the free version, you have to pay $1.99.

Paid Version: The app also offers a monthly subscription plan starting at $1.99. At the same time, the annual subscription plan will cost you $19.99. The subscription plans will automatically renew with payment unless canceled 24 hours before the current period ends. The payment for your subscription plans will be charged to your iTunes account. 

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How To Remove Apps From Apple Watch

You can comfortably manage all your apps through your Apple Watch. Now the question is how to remove apps from the apple watch. This is a simple process, and you only need to follow the few steps mentioned below: 

  1. Press the Digital Crown button to access the Home Screen with all your apps.
  2. Press down the icon of the app you want to delete. The icon will begin to shake. 
  3. The delete button × will appear at the right corner of the app icon. Click on the cross icon to delete the app from your smartwatch. 
  4. Finally, press the Digital Crown button to finish the process. 

With their unique features, Apple Watch apps can help you take the initiative to live a healthy lifestyle. If exercises and workouts are your favorite pastime,  Starva and Pedometer++ are great for counting your steps and calories. But if you want to stay focused on your work Headspace and AutoSleep Tracker may help you reach your goals better. 

Install all the smart apps on your Apple Watch and incorporate life-changing habits right through your wrist. 

Make sure to share your favorite apps with your friends, and do share your feedback with us. After all, everyone deserves a healthy change.